Classes and Curriculum

*NEW* Half-day kindergarten Class (5 and 6 year olds)

Monday-Friday from 9:15am-11:45am
Be five years old by August 31st. (4 year olds with Sept/Oct birthdays, who have been enrolled previously in a preschool program, please inquire with the director about Kindergarten registration.)

More information on the curriculum for this new offering will be available very soon.  Thanks for your patience.

PRESCHOOL CLASS (3 and 4 year olds)

Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15am-11:45am
Must be three years old and potty trained by August 31st

Pathways for Preschool encourages three and four year old students to love learning. Our curriculum uses a center-based, hands-on approach to learning in order to allow each child to learn at their own developmental level and ability. Each lesson incorporates age-appropriate lessons in language arts,
pre-reading skills, phonics, math, handwriting, social studies, and science. 

Pre-K Class (4 and 5 Year Olds)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:15am-11:45am
Must be four years old by August 31st

Footsteps for Fours prepares your preschool child for a lifetime of learning! Our curriculum helps prepare children for kindergarten by reinforcing their pre-reading, phonics, and letter recognition skills, and introducing them to math, social studies, and science through age-appropriate songs, rhymes, games, crafts, circle time for groups, and centers for each child. The curriculum also includes optional lessons for advanced children who are ready to read.

Sample Daily Schedule for both classes

9:15-9:30 - Warm Up: Children talk with their friends while doing a letter, number or activity page.

9:30-9:45 - Calendar (Small Groups): Children move into a small group where they will participate in opening songs, calendar, weather, hundreds chart, and comprehension lessons.
9:45-10:00 - Bible (Small Groups switch): The small group then transitions to a bible time. There is an age-appropriate bible story with comprehension questions, songs, activity pages, and prayer.
10:00-10:25 - Centers: Children choose from a large selection of learning centers daily. Their options include: library, manipulative, puzzles, sensory table, blocks, dramatic play and art centers for the children to rotate through.
10:25-10:50 Restrooms and Snack Time
10:50-11:00 - Enrichment: This is a time to work on “taking the lesson further.” We will do games, drama, phonics, math, science, and art during this time.
11:05-11:30 - Outdoor: The children get to go out to a large, fenced, age appropriate playground where they get physical exercise, fresh air, and play time!
11:35-11:45 - Read Aloud: A picture book is read aloud to reinforce the learning, theme, and general education happening in the classroom.
11:45 - Dismissal