Serve the Community
At The Church we are committed to respond to Christ’s call to serve those who are in need. When we serve, we demonstrate the love of Christ and in the process, become more like Christ. By investing time and talents you become part of the solution to the pressing needs in your community.

Serve Days

Serve days are monthly opportunities for you to get into the community and share the message of Christ through meeting practical needs. Often Serve Days are held on Saturdays and range from facility maintenance at shelters, to sorting donations at a food bank. Check the calendar or contact the church office to get details about the next Serve Day.

Serve Groups

Serving is not just about meeting needs, it’s about building relationships. Groups are people that share a particular interest and use that interest to serve and build relationships with the community on a regular basis. Groups include helping at Senior Centers, Food Banks, and Shelters.

Serve Drives

Annual drives are another example of how you can serve the community by providing families with needed gifts or supplies. Drives include Christmas toys, school supplies, socks, and food collection.

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