What's next
The "What's Next" section is specifically put together for those that are new to the Christian faith or maybe just looking for information. If you have recently accepted Christ, and haven't yet, we would strongly encourage you to get in touch with a member of our First Steps team by emailing or calling the church office. They would love to talk with you and help you find your "next step".

What does it mean to follow Jesus?
In a world that reveres leadership, who wants to be a “follower”? We believe it really depends on who you’re following.

Following Jesus means believing He is who He said He is, and joining the pursuit to become like Him, First and foremost, we look to God to lead all of us - even leaders - are followers. It’s who we’re shaped to be, and following is what shapes us into who we become. Who do you want to become more like? That’s who you’re following. Being a follower of Jesus means joining the pursuit to become more like Him - knowing Him better, learning from Him, and living like Him.
Who is God?
God is Holy: set apart from and greater than anything and everyone. He existed before anything and created everything. He’s everywhere at the same time and in control of it all, no matter how large the scope or small the detail. He is perfect: He has no flaws and doesn't make mistakes.
Who am I?
You are created by God. He created people so He could have a close relationship with them. But the first man and woman He created made a choice that defied the instructions He’d given them. This was the first sin - the first of millions that every one of us commit against God. It instantly, and seemingly irreparably, severed the relationship between people and God. Even though God still loved people, He couldn't compromise His holiness by tolerating or overlooking our sin. In turn, because we’re imperfect, we can’t “make up for” our offenses. Our sinfulness ruins even our best efforts. Thankfully, God loves us so much that He created a way for us to be reconnected with Him as if we had never sinned. In God’s plan, He can still have relationship with us without compromising His holiness. That plan is Jesus.
Who is Jesus?
Jesus Christ is God’s Son. As part of God’s plan to reconcile us to Himself, Jesus was born into the world as a human baby, lived a perfect life because He was God in human form, taught that He alone was the way to God, and died the terrible death of crucifixion, paying the penalty for our sin. Saving us with His grace cost God the life of His Son - far more than the cost required of us. Though this payment was permanent, Jesus’ death was not. Three days after Christ was crucified, God raised Him from the dead, just as all who choose to follow Jesus Christ will be raised to spend eternity with God.
How can I follow Jesus?
Jesus’ instruction to everyone He taught was, “follow Me.” What does that look like? It means recognizing a personal need for God, and trusting in Jesus Christ alone as God’s single way to have relationship with us. It means acknowleding that we can’t please God through our own efforts, accepting Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf, doing our best to follow Jesus’ teaching and example, and allowing Him to transform us to become like Him.

It can start with a simple prayer  
“Lord, I know I’m a sinner and can’t save myself. I know You sent Your Son Jesus Christ to die on my behalf. Thank You, Jesus, for Your sacrifice for me. I admit and believe that You are Lord and God. I believe You were born into this world, died so I could have a relationship with You, were raised from the dead, and ascended into heaven to prepare a place for me to be with You for eternity. Thank You for saving me, and let the new life You’ve give me reflect Your glory in every way. In Your name, Amen.”


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