Child Dedications
What is dedication?
The dedication of a child, is in reality, the act of parents/guardians dedicating themselves, with God's help, to bring up the child in the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. In presenting a child for Christian dedication, they signify their faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins, the leadership of their lives, and their intent to nurture their child in the Christian faith.

Is a dedication the same as water baptism? Can my infant be baptized?
Dedication is an act of commitment by those who are dedicating themselves to the task of parenting, as mentioned above. Water baptism is for those who have personally placed their trust in Jesus Christ. Because an infant or young child cannot make a conscious decision to trust and obey Christ, we do not baptize them until they are at an age of understanding. More information about this is available under Water Baptism.

Who can dedicate a child?
Parents or Guardians that are followers of Christ and are committed to training up their children in the love of Jesus Christ, are welcome to request a Baby/Child Dedication.
When are dedications?
Dedications are generally scheduled for the last Sunday of each month. This setting allows for your church family and those you invite to celebrate and commit with you. After submitting the request, you will be contacted to confirm a date and time.

If after reviewing the above information you would like to have your child dedicated please fill out the application below. Your form will be sent to the appropriate person who will then contact you.
Thank you for giving us, your church family, the privilege of participating in this exciting event!

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